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New grill menu
Kind oysters 210 ₽ / 1 piece
Lunch menu
Japanese soup with lamb 490 ₽
Golden chicken wings 590 ₽
Tuna tartare with Japanese nettle sauce 790 ₽
Foursquare pizza: Roast beef with tomatoes & arugula 760 ₽
Smoked trout with pasta and unagi sauce 860 ₽
Mizuna leaves with salmon and wasabi 720 ₽
Thai shrimp salad 720 ₽
Tuna sashimi with mashed cucumbers 860 ₽
everyday from 12 PM to 6 PM

Beer or Brut - that is the question

Beer or Brut - that is the question that will inevitably arise for anyone who comes to Beer & Brut every day from 12:00 to 16:00. A superb breakfast, suggesting two scenarios, has been launched in gastropub. Those who choose porridge with cow's milk and fresh seasonal berries, roasted Camembert cheese with rosemary and brioche with raspberry jam, will pour out a glass of the nominal Pearlman Prosecco. And for those who preferred bruschetta with guacamole and poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, trout sashimi with green apple and curd cheese with red caviar a 250 ml of classic light beer Weihenstephan from Bavaria will be served. At the same time, whatever plot you follow, the price will remain the same: any of the superb breakfasts will be given for 690 rub.

Girolles season at Perelman People

Girolles are harvested at Perelman People’s projects and the dishes with them are announced to be...

“Sparkling oysters” at Beer & Brut

Every Friday and Saturday from 00:00 till 06:00 Pacific oysters will be sold 99 rub apiece

Craft for free

beer in Beer & Brut will be poured as a compliment to any order from the new grill menu

“Munch’s Scream”

cocktail as a dedication to Edvard Munch in Beer & Brut
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